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Conveniently collect data when customers approve your sales quotes. Quick, easy & efficient. Incorporating forms into your documents adds real value to your sales order processing.

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2022 Change Log

September 2022

a) stage 1 - performance (load & save time) improvements for the document editor

b) stage 1 - performance improvements to the sales document dashboard

c) removal of the following options in the Configuration menu that relate to setting defaults for creating blank documents :

i) default price table settings

ii) default style settings

The above menu options are replaced by a new "Blank Template" that you will see in your Templates library.  This means all sales documents are always created from a template in order to get page settings & price table formatting settings, cover page design, etc.


On Sunday October 2, 2022 at 8am PST - duration max 12hrs, the Stage 2 Performance Upgrade will be performed.  This update relates to the database for QuoteCloud, there will be an upgrade the database technology currently implemented.  This upgrade improves the database technolgy in use and will reduce the time to read & write data.


 Stage 3 performance improvements - moving sales document JSON from the file system to the database - date to be announced


New opt-in software extensions  now available:

a) CCTE Plug-in - Integration to Tres CCTE generate Travel  Itineraries directly from CCTE

b) Tramada Plug-in - Integration with Tramada to generate Travel Itineraries directly from Tramada

c) Contact Harvest Tool - Perform a Google Search in this plugin and QuoteCloud will scan website home pages for email address & telephone numbers to create a cold call list for your sales team


New Features

a) add icons to your price table column headings (click on the COGS icon ~ price table settings; and choose the columns tab; you can choose an can from the menu or upload your own image file (png, webp, or svg are the best formats, GIF and JPEG also work)

b) CONTRACTS & PLANS PLUGIN - When adding a service plan price table, QuoteCloud will automatically add the service line item,. then show the product catalogue with the plans tab open ready for the user to add a plan to the price table

c) CONTRACTS & PLANS PLUGIN - Devices and Phone System product catalogues now have 2 folder category levels

d) SALES DOCUMENT EDITOR - TEXT BLOCK - TABLES - If you set the borders off, then show a dotted line when you hover over the table so you can still see the cell borders

e) PDF - PAGE HEADER / FOOTER - Allowing an option to set the height of the page header - previously was hard coded to 58px. Users can now set their own header and footer row height


May 2022

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Add "new" badge to the "Extensions" icon on the left

a) sort the "new" extensions so they are first on the list. 

+ SALES FORECAST - Allocating a quote to a month stopped working, patched to repair functionality

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - ROW TOOL BAR - Change to position of row tool bar to improve usability

- API - EMAIL TRANSMISSION CONTROLLER - Prevent mischeivious users creating scripts to send emails and spam people


Apr 2022

+ EMAIL CAMPAIGN - TEST EMAIL BUTTON - added re-captcha to the test email send button to stop mischeivious users creating scripts to send emails and spam people

+ USER ACTIVATION - When you are a new user and your account is not activated because you did not click on the link the login page says "wrong password", which is misleading - changed to "You have not activated your account, please check your email for an activation link, or speak to your system administrator to ask for it to be resent"

+ IMAGE LIBRARY - Images are sorted alphabetically in thumbnail view now, instead of by date created.

+ TEXT LIBRARY - The tool bars for Tables and Images do not appear so you cannot amend any settings here, patched software to make operational again.

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - VIDEO WDIGET - Allow the customer to upload a video file MP4 etc and have our own player.  Also allow user to upload a thumbnail image for the video. Note uploading videos to your account will add to your storage costs, please be careful when uploading videos to check file size.

+ UX - ROW MENU - If you have the a text block active (Text editor nav bar is on) and click the icon to show the Row tool bar - then click back in the text area - the Row tool bar does not collapse, patched software to prevent this issue.

+ SALES QUOTE VIEWER - PRICING TABLE View - removed horizontal lines in totals area

+ EMAIL CAMPAIGN EDITOR - editor widget icons out of place or missing

+ SALES PROCESS WORKFLOW - After approving a quote the software logs you out, patched software to prevent this

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - TABLE STYLES - added a no cell/row borders option

+ COVER PAGE EDITOR - Add widget drop down menu user interface updated to newer standard

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - IMAGE SETTINGS - no longer showing the delete image button if there is no image uploaded yet

+ SALES QUOTE VIEWER - MOBILE VIEW - Scroll not working

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - FORMS - Add save to forms content library button back to the toolbar, disappeared after UI upgrades

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - ROW/COLUMN TOOLBARS - Usability update - add glowing dot to highlight the Row/Inner Row or Column/Inner Column active for tool bar options.

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - COLUMN BACKGROUND - Adding colour to one column adds to other columns in a row if more than one column set in a row.

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - TOOLBARS - Up and Down arrows not working on cover page - patched and released.

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - COVER PAGE - Add "text" and "image" widgets to new row menu options (bring inline with main editor)

+ PDF CONTENT LIBRARY LIBRARY - Added the ability to give PDF files an alias so users can set a friendly name for a file, previously the folder tree would list PDF files using the file name, this was not always user friendly.

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - NOTIFICATIONS - make notification clickable

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - when you hover on a content block the tool bars do not show if you have moved your mouse over the insert plus bar first.


Feb 2022

+ SUBSCRIPTION BILLING CONTROLLER - Allow QuoteCloud customers to choose Annual payments

+ CREATE QUOTE / USE TEMPLATE FROM QC WEBSITE - When you use a public template, or register an account from a public template it is not bringing through the font settings from the template e.g. font size; thgis was updated and released to nicely handle settings from public library templates.

+ PRODUCT CATALOGUE - The Icons over the image thumbnails are white and too hard to see, change to impove usability

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR / SALES QUOTE VIEWER - Page background colour / image

a) update the system to make all widgets transparent - currently coded to set to white #fff - this will allow the page background colour to be seen through a widget

b) add a new option to page settings: default content block background colour - default is transparent

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - When sorting a row or widget - the tool bar immediately collapses - meaning you have to click on the button to expand the tool bar in order to sort the item up or down again. Updated the user interface to improve this and leave expanded

+ SALES QUOTE DASHBOARD - Add new column "Customer last viewed", "Number of views"

a) add new column to db 

c) if no date - or null - do not show a date show hyphen  (centered)

+ COVER PAGE EDITOR - "remove background settings" is not showing unless you save and refresh the page; updated to improve the user experience so refresh is not required


Jan 2022

+ PAGE BACKGROUND COLOUR -  added a new option to set a default row background colour/transparent.

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - WYSIWYG - If you apply a border radius to a row - it does not appear in the editor (does in viewer), improved user interface to make more WYSIWYG

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - WYSIWYG - when you add an overlay (colour) to a column - it does not fill on the editor - but does fill in the viewer; improved the editor for a more WYSIWIG experience

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - WYSIWYG - when you change margin/padding settings on a content block or column or row - it does not immediately effect the editor, if you save and preview you can see the change though.  Updated software for a more WYSIWYG experience


+ SETTINGS - Add switch to hide the option for sales quote recipient to download as PDF

+ SALES QUOTE EDITOR - COVER PAGE EDITOR - Add the Un-splash feature to the cover page library with crop tool to crop to correct page size -

+ QUOTE CLOUD API - Released new native API's and documentation on the QuoteCloud website; these are available as an alternative to using Zapier