Edit Existing Templates

Sales Proposal Templates provide a start point for document content and layout when a sales consultant creates a new sales quote.

Navigate to the Content Libraries menu on the Sales Quote Dashboard and select Templates to edit existing templates.

Here you will see a list of your current sales quote templates (if you have any yet).  You can add sales quote templates to your own library from our sample sales quote template library; click on the Get Sample Templates button to get some great sample sales quote templates to get you started.

You can edit any of the listed sales quote templates and adjust their content/layout or delete any from the library if they are unwanted/out of date. The Edit option will take you to the sales quote editor, where you can edit the content as needed.

In the template library, you can choose to add them to your library or preview the template.

To add the templates to your library, just choose the ones you would like to use, then select Add Templates to Company Library.

Below you will see the newly added templates in your library, you can now edit these to your requirements.

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