Adding a Form to a Sales Quote

QuoteCloud provides the ability to add forms into sales quotes.  This is a useful feature when it is important to collect information when customers approve a sales quote.

This feature appears in the Sales Quote Editor after subscribing to the Form Builder plugin extension in QuoteCloud.

To begin building a form, create or edit a sales quote.

In the Sales Quote Editor, click on the orange + Insert button and then select ‘Add Form’, as shown below.

A new Form Content Block will be added, as shown below.  A sales consultant can add many forms to a sales quote if required.

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Adding a Form to a Sales Quote
5 Mar 2020
QuoteCloud provides the ability to build forms to collect information when customers sign-off a sales quotes. The ?Forms? tab is a feature that appears on the Sales Quote Editor after subscribing to the plugin extension on QuoteCloud.
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