Setting your Credit Card for your QuoteCloud Subscription

To update the credit card details for your QuoteCloud Subscription fees, click on the Account menu on the Sales Quote Dashboard, and select the menu option Payments Settings (as shown below)



You will now see a window appear to manage your account payment details, as shown below.

Company Details

The company details section records your company name, government issued company registration id, and address.  This information is used for the invoices that are created for QuoteCloud software subscription fees.  This company information is also available to use in sales quote templates, and sales quotes (as embedded data items in text blocks).


Payment Details

In this section you enter a valid credit card number and expire date.


In the Users who receive invoice related emails: data field you can optionally enter the email addresses of people that should receive the invoices created by QuoteCloud for your software subscription fees.


After you enter or update the information in the Payment Settings window, click on the Save button.

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