Permanently Delete a Contact from an Audience

In a normal sittuation, the Campaign Audience administrator would unsubscribe a contact from an Audience to prevent that contact from being sent any further emails.  However, sometimes is it necessary to completely delete a contact, this user guide covers this sittuation.


There are two methods to delete contacts:

1. use the search feature to locate a contact

2. delete contacts from the Audience contact list page


Deleting Contacts via the Audience contact(s) list page

Click on the Campaigns icon in the left vertical navigation bar, next click on the Audience option in the top navigation bar, as shown below.

Click on the drop down menu relating to the Audience you want to remove a contact from. Now select the option Manage Contacts, as shown below.

You will now see the list of contacts in the selected Audience. 

On the left of the contacts you will find a check box, select the contact(s) you want to delete.  Tick the checkbox(es) for each contact to be deleted, as shown beow.

Click on the Actions dropdown menu, and select the option Remove Contact, as shown below.

Click on the Confirm button to commit to the deletion of the contact(s)

Use the contact search feature to locate contact(s) to delete

Click on the Campaigns icon in the left vertical navigation bar, then click on the search icon in the top navigation menu, (magnifying glass icon).

Type a value in the search field to locate matching contacts, for example "joe" to find all the contacts containing the text "joe", another example could be to use part of an email address e.g. "" to find any contact with this text in their email address.

After typing your search text, hit the Enter (Return) key, or click on the magnifiying glass icon right-hand side (inside) the search field.

The matching results will be displayed below.

Click on the select box on the left of each contact that you would like to delete, as shown below.

Click on the Actions drop down menu, and select the option Remove Contact.

Click onthe Confirm button to commit to the deletion of the contacts.

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