Creating Profit Margin Rules

QuoteCloud makes it easy to set up allowed profit margin rules, dynamically included in any sales quote.

To add available "Markup" rules for sales quotes from the Sales Quote Dashboard, click on the Configuration menu, then select "Pricing Discounts & Thresholds".

You will see the Pricing Discounts & Thresholds window (as shown below); click on the Add button.

Enter a label (descriptive name) for the markup, type a value (as a percentage to mark-up a price) and select Margin from the drop-down - leave the threshold details blank as they do not apply to Price Margin rules.

After you click Save, this margin will be available to all of your Sales Consultants. When they edit a sales quote, a Sales Consultant will apply this margin percentage on a line by line basis or to an entire pricing table. QuoteCloud will then do the calculations automatically.

Using the Margin Calculation in the Sales Quote Editor

When creating sales quotes, there are two methods to calculate a margin:

1. (default) assigned and calculated for an entire price table
2. assigned and calculated on a line-by-line method in a price table

By default, discounts, margins and markups, are applied to an entire price table. To switch to the method of allowing Sales Consultants to apply Margins, Markup's, and Discount for specific line items, follow these steps:

On the Sales Quote Dashboard, click on the Configuration menu and select the Settings menu option below.

To use the margin calculator, click on the Discount / Margin button (as shown below), and then select one of the margins displayed (assuming you have followed the steps above, you will see the margin rules you have created)

After selecting a margin from the drop-down list, QuoteCloud will automatically calculate the Margin percentage for all line items in the price table (as shown below, a 10% margin has been applied to the price table).

You can also adjust margins, markup or discounts for an individual price line; simply click on the down arrow on the right of the Cost field, as shown below.

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