How to Change the Labels in the Price Table Totals Section

Changing your labels in the price table totals section may be required to localise your terminology or use a different spoken language in your sales quotes. Price Tables can be customised at a default company level, template level, and per sales quote.

Changing Price Table Total Labels in a Sales Quote and Template

If you have the need to adjust the totals labels for price tables in specific sales quotes, but not at a company-wide level, the process below can be followed in both the template setup and individual sales quotes within the Sales Quote Editor.

To bring up the price table setting options, select ... More in the right-hand panel, and click on Pricing Style Settings.

Click the Totals tab to display the totals section labels that can be edited.

Simply double-click on the label you wish to change. It will be highlighted in blue with a red border to show the field can be edited, as shown below.

Ensure you click Save to save your data label settings.

You are also able to simply double-click on the data label you wish to change in the sales quote directly, it will then be highlighted in blue and you will be able to type in your preferred text. Once done, click anywhere on your screen to exit edit mode for that label.

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