How to Make a Row Full Page Width (Toggle Switch)

QuoteCloud provides a full range of formatting options to adjust design and formating of your sales quotes. Sometimes you might want to extended a row to the edge of the page. For example, you may add a background image or colour to a row, and would like this to extended right to the edge of the page so there is no white space on the left and right.  

To make this change, hover over the row section you wish to extend edge-to-edge and a expand icon will appear to the right of the page.

Click the  expand icon to toggle this setting on. You will see the icon is now blue and the width of the row has changed.

This feature is useful when wanting to make images full-width so no white border can be seen. As shown in the example below. You may need to resize the image so it is full page width for this to take full effect.

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