Integration to Other Applications via API

The QuoteCloud API facilitates integration to 3rd party applications via a GraphQL schema.  This offers a safe and secure way to transport data between QuoteCloud and a third-party application.  

If you require assistance setting up your API access or would like to enquire about connecting QuoteCloud to your bespoke application, please email the QuoteCloud team at [email protected]

Sales Quote and Sales Proposal Software - API Guide - illustration 1

Connecting to the API

QuoteCloud's API is based on the GraphQL standard. Access to the API is available to all accounts on a Solo plan or higher. To begin using the API and retrieve a detailed schema with the documentation we recommend using any of the applications listed below:

Once you have downloaded one of these GraphQL Inspection Tools or an inbuilt GraphQL library you can connect it to the following URL:




To use the API you need to connect to this URL with 3 pre-configured headers:

  1. X-USERNAME -- Your API Username

  2. X-API-ID -- Your API ID

  3. X-API-KEY -- Your API Key