Hotel Sales Proposal 





John Smith
Your Company

P: +1 (0) 405 123 123
E: [email protected]

We are a renowned leader in providing great service to our visitors and partners at Your Company. We're known for our huge, open space and outstanding eating experience. We have the tools to fulfil your demands, whether you're planning a corporate event, a lunch meeting, or a cocktail hour.

We'll supply the facility, the food, and the lodging. You provide your employees, your business, and your excitement, and we'll take care of the rest.

John Smith

Your Company

+1 (0) 405 123 123

Features and Amenities
  • [Total number of sq feet available]
  • [Dining and seating capacity]
  • Additional features
Hotel Size and Capacity
Room Size Square Feet
Room One Total Sq Feet
Room Two Total Sq Feet
Room Three Total Sq Feet
Room Setup
Room Number Room Description
Room One Room One Description
Room Two Room One Description
Room Three Room One Description
Room Rental Fees

The room rental charge covers the setup of the room, tables and chairs, tableware, event staffing, and clean-up following the event. A damage deposit is also included in the fees, which is required upon acceptance of the proposal.








Room One
1 One-off 100.00 100.00 10.00 110.00
Room Two
1 One-off 200.00 200.00 20.00 220.00
Room Three
1 One-off 300.00 300.00 30.00 330.00
Price TAX Total
One-off Cost 600.00 60.00 660.00
Total 660.00
Additional Services
An Introduction to Our Staff

We take pride in delivering an amazing setting for special occasions and events at Your Company. We've worked with a lot of firms in the Company's Market field, so we know what it takes to make your event a success.

Our Company Leader

[Name of Hotel President] has [Years in Industry] of experience in the hotel industry.

[He/She] is committed to providing a superior atmosphere for all Your Company guests.

Lead Event Planner

My name is John Smith and I have spent [Years in the industry] years working in the event planning and hospitality industry.

I will be your point of contact throughout this process and am here to help you work through any challenges that arise. I can be reached by phone or email at +1 (0) 405 123 123 and [email protected].

Breakdown of the Proposed Budget

You'll find a detailed breakdown of the work involved in organising and executing your event, as well as a suggested budget, below. We will give a complete calendar with deliverables and dates once the proposal has been authorised and signed.

Miscellaneous Service
Additional $500 damage deposit

Hotel Sales Contract

The terms and conditions of the contractual arrangement between Your Company (the Seller) and are set forth in this Hotel Sales Contract (the Purchaser).

The event site and event organising will be provided by the Seller.

The Purchaser wishes to purchase these services on the terms and conditions set forth herein. The Seller and the Purchaser (individually, a "Party" and jointly, the "Parties") agree as follows in this Hotel Sales Proposal:

1. Venue and Event Planning Services

The Purchaser agrees to purchase the services as described in the attached schedule.

2. Payment

The Purchaser agrees to pay for the agreed-upon services, as outlined in the proposed budget.

3. Default

Failure to pay by the agreed upon due dates will be considered a breach of the Hotel Sales Contract.

4. Warranty


5. Modification

There will be no modification of this Hotel Sales Contract unless it is agreed to in writing by both Parties.

6. Applicable Law

This Sales Contract and the interpretation of its terms shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of [Sender.State] and subject to the jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in [Sender.County], [Sender.State].

Contract Acceptance

The contract is legal and valid once signed by both parties.

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