How to Switch Off the Repeating Costs Feature

QuoteCloud has a inbuilt-functionality that will let you set a charge to be a repeating cost over a contract term. For example, if you sell a mobile phone plan that is a 24-month contract that is charged $99 monthly, you would set the price of the line item to $99, and then set the price table repeating charge drop down to "Monthly" and then untick the "One-Off" check box for the line item, and finally term column in the price table set to 24.

However, many companies never use repeating charges.  So that your sales consultants are not presented with the features for repeating charges, it is possible to switch them off.

To switch to the Repeating Charges feature, click on the Configuration menu, then click on the menu option Settings.

Next, click on the Pricing Table tab as shown below.

The final step is to set the switch the Hide Terms button to the on the state (the switch will show red within the "on" state), as shown below.

Click on the Save button to commit your change.  This change will not affect any existing sales quotes.  However, your sales consultants will no longer see the "Term" feature in the sales quote editor anymore.

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