System Default Font Settings


QuoteCloud is designed to automate as much of the layout & presentation in sales quotes as possible. When you first start with QuoteCloud your default setup may need some slight adjustment for it to perfectly fit your organisation branding style.

There are two places to set font settings:

1. System Default - used when a sales consultant starts with a blank document, i.e. does not use a sales quote template.

2. Sales Quote Template - each of your sales quote templates can have independent font settings.


Setting system default font settings

Click on the Configuration menu in the top menu of the Sales Quote Dashboard, and selection the option Edit Styles.

You will now see the Edit Styles window as shown below.

Make sure you have the Headings and Fonts tab selected.

There are a number of elements that font settings are applied, these are:

  • Section Heading - the name of the section created in a Sales Quote
  • Heading 1 - used when you make text in a Heading 1 in the text editor
  • Heading 2 - used when you make text in a Heading 2 in the text editor
  • Heading 3 - used when you make text in a Heading 3 in the text editor
  • Body - this is the main text content when you create a text block in your sales quotes, it is also used for the procing table.

The process to adjust the font settings for all the above content elements is the same, we will use the Body element as an example in the tutorial.

Click on the Body section (as shown below).

Now choose the Font Face by clicking on the drop down under the label Font. Select the font you want to use from the available list of fonts

Next select the font size - this will be the default font size used in text content blocks for sales quotes.

FInally click on the Colour picker to set your default font colour for all text blocks in a sales quote.

After making your selections, click in the Save button.

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