Automation will make your workday easier.

Zapier is based on a simple premise: automation will make your workday easier. But, what exactly is it? What can you do with it at work?


The course 101 at Zapier University is a great place to start. Zapier's team will walk you through developing an automation mentality, including instances of everyday automation and how to figure out which chores you can automate. Then you'll learn about Zaps, including what they are, how they function, and how to make your own.

Once you've mastered your 2-step Zap, you'll be exposed to new ways to improve the efficiency and power of your automated workflows by automating even more of your manual tasks.

Be sure to download the Automation Cheat Sheet for sections 2, 3, and 4:

Welcome to Zapier University, Course 101

Hello and welcome to Zapier University's 101st course! We're delighted to have you here. We'll walk you through the fundamentals of automation, as well as what Zapier is, how to utilise it, and how to take your automated workflows—Zaps—to the next level in this course.

Zapier University, Course 101 - Section 2: What is Automation?

What is automation, exactly? In section 2, we'll look at what automation is, how it's already a part of your life, and how to recognise what you can automate at work. Are you ready to begin? Let's get started!

Zapier University, Course 101 - How Can Automation Help Me?

Let's look at how automation can aid you on a daily basis and identify some examples that you might not think of as automation but are. This session will show you where automation is already in use so that you can spot it.

Zapier University, Course 101 - Recognising What Can Be Automated

Now that you've seen some examples of automation, it's time to start looking for it in your daily duties. When is it better to automate an activity rather than doing it by hand? This course will provide you with a new perspective on your work as well as at least one task that you can automate.

Zapier University, Course 101 - Section 2: What is Automation?

You've now established a solid foundation in automation! We've shown you real-world examples of automation as well as a technique to think about your job activities. We'll expand on this basis in the next part and start you automating boring tasks.

Zapier University, Course 101 - How Can Automation Help Me?

What is the purpose of an automated workflow, often known as a Zap? How do you transition from a manual operation to automating a workflow using an automation mindset? Course 101, section 3 of Zapier University, will teach you how to create Zaps and automate your work.

Zapier University, Course 101 - Automating the Apps You Use Every Day

In this session, we'll look at how the apps you use at work communicate with one another, and how an automation platform like Zapier may make that process easier.

Zapier University, Course 101 - Creating an Automated Workflow

Let's have a look at how to think about an automated workflow's logic: What sets it in motion? How do you arrange the apps and ensure that information is shared across them? This tutorial will walk you through the logic model and prepare you to build a Zap.

Zapier University, Course 101 - Understanding a Zap

We'll take a look under the hood of a Zap and familiarise you with the language and method, based on the logic model of an automated workflow.

Zapier University, Course 101 - Build a Zap

It's time to combine the last two classes and create a Zap! We'll teach you how to apply the logic model to the Zap generation process and come away with an automated workflow that will save you time, money, and sanity using one of your most onerous jobs.

Zapier University, Course 101 - How to See If Your Zap Is On

Let's make sure your Zap is turned on and operating nicely now that it's been built. We'll walk you through Zapier's Task History, which keeps track of every time your Zap runs, as well as any mistakes that may have occurred.

Zapier University, Course 101 - Wrapping Up Section 3

After just a few lessons, you can approach your work tasks with an automation mindset and prep them to become automated workflows. You have a Zap built, and now it's time to super-charge your Zap.

Zapier University, Course 101 - Section 4: Advanced Automation

You're ready to give your automated workflows even more power now that you've set up Zap and adopted an automation mentality. This section is all about using multiple actions, Zapier's built-in apps, and more to make your workflows even more efficient.

Zapier University, Course 101 - Multi-step Zaps

With Zaps, the sky is the limit in terms of triggers and actions—you can do as much as you want with numerous actions in a single Zap! Do you need to add a new lead to your CRM, communicate with your team, and send the lead an email? In this session, you'll learn how to get more out of a single Zap.

Zapier University, Course 101 - How to Use: Search

You may need to look for information in an app to use in a Zap at times. A lot of apps provide a search function that will allow you to do just that. We'll show you how to do it.

Zapier University, Course 101 - Other Zapier Tools

Zapier has its own set of apps that help you get more out of your Zaps. So, what makes a Zapier app like Formatter different from a third-party software like Slack? That will be broken down in this lesson.

Zapier University, Course 101 - How to Use: Filter

Let's take a look at Zapier's Filter, which functions as a kind of stoplight for your Zap. We'll show you how to include one and why it's beneficial.

Zapier University, Course 101 - How to Use: Formatter

Consider Formatter by Zapier to be a tool's Swiss Army knife: It has the ability to accomplish a little bit of everything. We offer you a quick rundown of one of our most popular apps.

Zapier University, Course 101 - How to Use: Delay

You may use Delay by Zapier to give your Zap's activities a little pause before continuing. What are the advantages of this? You'll see what we're talking about in our lesson.

Zapier University, Course 101 - How to Use: Schedule

Do you need a Zap to run on a given day and at a specified time? Or maybe at the same hour every day? You choose when your Zap runs with Zapier's Schedule feature.

Zapier University, Course 101 - How to Use: SMS

With a look at SMS by Zapier, we'll show you how to send simple text messages from your Zaps.

Zapier University, Course 101 - Paths

Zapier's conditional logic tool is called Paths. Consider it a more powerful version of Filters: if A occurs in your trigger, do Z; if B occurs instead, do Y. Paths will be a simple addition to any Zap after learning this lesson.

Zapier University, Course 101 - Wrapping Up Section 4

The final three lectures demonstrate how to make your Zaps even more helpful and tailored to your specific operations. We presented an overview of our in-house apps and discussed the differences between them and third-party apps. Your Zaps are about to do much more for you now that you have all of this in your toolkit.

Zapier University, Course 101 - Section 5: Limitations

Now that we've explored Zaps' wild powers, let's look into some of the limitations within Zapier: some apps aren't available on our platform, while others lack the triggers or actions you require. Rate constraints apply to some APIs, and task limits apply to some Zapier plans. In this section, we'll get to the bottom of everything.

Zapier University, Course 101 - Tasks, Zaps, and Third-Party APIs

What should you do if a Zapier action or trigger isn't available for an app you use? Or what happens if you reach a task limit before your subscription expires? This class will teach you how to deal with these types of situations.

Zapier University, Course 101 - When Apps Are Not Supported

While we attempt to include every app on Zapier's platform, the list is always growing. As a result, there's a chance the app you're using isn't available. There are ways to get around this if it happens!

Zapier University, Course 101 - Wrapping Up Section 5

You now have a better understanding of some of the limitations of automation tools: Third-party apps don't always offer the features you want, and some plans have task limits—but we've also shown you how to get around when an app you use isn't available.

Zapier University, Course 101 - Wrapping Up Course 101 - Congrats!

You've done it! You finished Zapier University's 101 courses. You should be pleased with yourself: you learned about automation, how it pertains to your job, and how to automate some tasks—and, best of all, you actually did it! You created Zaps and learnt how to improve their effectiveness. Congratulations!