Hide Content on a Sales Quote

You may, on occasion, wish to create content in the Sales Quote Editor that does not appear when your customer views the sales quote.  For example, you may create a spreadsheet to perform calculations that should not show in the document that your customer reads; or you might create a block of text for your internal use, perhaps notes, instructions or assumptions for your own use.  In this user guide topic, you can learn how to hide content in a sales quote.


Create or edit a sales quote. 

The ability to hide content applies to any content, i.e. text, image, spreadsheets, pdf, video. In this tutorial, we will use a spreadsheet content block as an example.  Click on the Insert... button and add a spreadsheet block to your sales quote; type a value in one cell to have some content in your spreadsheet.  Hover over the spreadsheet so that the tab toolbar is visible.

Click on the Show/Hide icon (see below). 



Set the switch to hidden, now Click Save & Preview to view your sales quote.  You will notice the content block is not visible.

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