Information technology proposal templates
Turn your static document process into an automation dream come true to increase efficiency.
Motion Graphics
This motion graphics design contract template is meant to establish a formal scope of work and contract between a graphic design artist and a client.
Game Development Proposal Template
This game development proposal template can be used by a development agency offering HTML5 game development services. It includes areas for a game description, project timelines, and estimated project costs.
Mobile App Development Template.
Need a proposal template for presenting your awesome mobile app development services, this template covers all the essentials such as timeline, scope of work, terms and sign-off. Customise this template for your projects and start winning deals.
Computer Service Contract Template
Use this digital computer service contract template to allow clients to select the services they would like to purchase from you, e-sign to indicate approval and receive notification when the process is complete
SalesForce Services
This Salesforce proposal template will help you start your sales proposals, personalise this template with your specific services and value proposition. Add video case studies to really shine and beat the competition.
SAP Proposal
Free SAP proposal template. Use this template as the foundation for your SAP project proposals.
AI Services Proposal Template
Use this AI services sales proposal template to provide your team with a standardised and professional sales proposal.
Software Engineering Proposal Template
We?ve crafted this sales proposal template to be used by software engineering professionals.
Network Installation Proposal Template
This template is for vendors providing network installation proposals. It includes sections for system descriptions, pricing, and installation timelines and e-signature.
Software Development Proposal Template
This software development proposal template lets you create and customise a persuasive online proposal that's sure to be signed. This software development proposal provides a solid foundation for a successful client-developer relationship.
Technical Services Consulting Agreement Template
Do you need to give a new client a technical services consulting contract? If that's the case, this template is for you!
Service-Level Agreement Template
Make changes to this Service-Level Agreement Template to define a service in a formal capacity.
Source Code License Agreement Template
Use this source code licence agreement form to give another person or company access to your software's source code.
Agile Software Development Contract Template
Use this contract template to outline your software project
Android App Development Template
This proposal template incorporates QuoteCloud features that will simplify your work and impress your clients. The interactive table of contents, pricing table, video embed, and electronic signature are all worth checking out!
iOS App Development Proposal Template
Use this proposal to highlight your skills and your timeline for an IOS App development project
Operating Agreement Template
An Operating Agreement is an agreement amongst an LLC's members to govern it's business and financial and managerial rights.
Website Design Contract Template
Any freelance web designer or design firm can use this website design contract template to jumpstart their standard proposals, covering Concept Development, Design, Technical, and Testing.
Mobile App Design Proposal Template
Use this mobile app design proposal template to offer a custom proposal to potential clients for your app design services.
IT Services Proposal Template
Use this IT services proposal template to offer a detailed quote to potential clients for managed IT solutions.
Product Development Agreement Template
This template is a business contract between a product development or design agency and a company who wishes to contract them for design services.
Software Development Agreement Template
This software development agreement is essential for any development or web design contractor looking to grow.
SaaS Sales Proposal Template
Use this SaaS sales proposal template to provide your team with a standardised and professional sales proposal.
Software Development Proposal Template
Our software development proposal template lets you create and customise an online proposal that's sure to be signed.
Project Customer Acceptance Form
Use this template for project sign-offs, QuoteCloud can be your document system for Contracts, not just sales quotes. This contract provides the framework for a project acceptance with e-signature.
IT or Software Project Proposal Template
This software project agreement template is designed to help software developers accelerate their signing process.
CRM Implementation Proposal Template
Even for the experts, definitions differ when it comes to customer relationship management, or CRM. Our template simplifies this process of two-way interaction between business and consumer, making it ideal for landing clients and keeping them happy.