QuoteCloud for
Marketing Services

QuoteCloud for
Marketing Services

QuoteCloud will help you to plan campaigns, document advanced strategies and report results.

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Explore Sales Quote Templates for the Marketing Services Industry

Pay Per Click Campaign Proposal Template

Are you building pay-per-click campaigns? Whether you?re a freelancer or company, it?s always good to have a solid proposal template in your back pocket. You can use this for all your clients, with only minor changes from account to account.

Marketing Agency Proposal Template

Looking to wow prospects with your proposals for marketing services? This marketing agency proposal template will let you deliver beautiful, customised proposals to your prospective clients.

Social Media Marketing Proposal Template

Social media is a constantly evolving marketplace. Use this social media marketing proposal template as a legal jumping off point, then customise with your own experience and personality.

Improve the level of convenience for both your clients and team


Brand, product, and campaign strategy requires extensive documentation, which can take dozens of hours to create and a nightmare to interact with or navigate upon completion.

QuoteCloud streamlines the creation of strategy documentation via a drag and drop document editor and customisable templates. Completed documentation is easy to locate within QuoteCloud and is simple to navigate thanks to our user-friendly design.


Strategy, channel managers, product teams, and analysts no longer have to struggle with emails and meetings to plan new marketing campaigns. With QuoteCloud, the entire team can organise, strategise, and document in a single space that’s accessible from anywhere and makes collaboration easy.


QuoteCloud makes it faster and easier to build detailed campaign reports including media samples and data tables. Use the reports as a visual aid during performance meetings or send them to stakeholders for review and provide feedback right in the document.


Companies that use QuoteCloud close more business in less time than companies who don’t. QuoteCloud allows you to create beautiful, customised proposals in minutes. Our features are designed to create a faster sales process without sacrificing quality or attention to detail.

Streamline your revisions

When customers need a tweak to your sales quote, or you need to add more information and pricing, revising your quotes to create a new version needs to be quick and easy.  QuoteCloud is your single source of truth and will eliminate confusion and mistakes at the most critical time.... closing the deal.

Integrated with the apps you love

1000's of tools ready to use

Integrated with the apps you love

1000's of tools ready to use

Safe integration via the Zapier platform.

Integrate QuoteCloud with the tools you use everyday so your sales team can focus on the important things they need to get done.


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Quote + Automate + Integrate to 1000's of your favourite apps

Get up and running in a flash

QuoteCloud is specially built to integrate with your organisation seamlessly. Our software is a breeze to use, meaning there's very little training before your marketing team can use QuoteCloud like experts.

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