QuoteCloud for
Web Developers

QuoteCloud for
Web Developers

Create, automate and close winning sales quotes in minutes instead of hours.  QuoteCloud is your all-in-one closing tool for the telecommunications industry.

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Explore Sales Quote Templates for Web Developers

Website Development Proposal Template

This website development proposal does dual-duty as an executable contract. Use it when you're proposing a complete website development project for your client. It includes spaces for previous project examples, project costs, and delivery schedules.

WordPress Development Proposal Template

This WordPress website development proposal is useful when you're proposing a WordPress implementation project for your client.

CRM Implementation Proposal

Even for the experts, definitions differ when it comes to customer relationship management, or CRM. Our template simplifies this process of two-way interaction between business and consumer, making it ideal for landing clients and keeping them happy.

Improve the level of convenience for both your clients and team


Your time should be spent coding, not pushing paper. QuoteCloud makes it easy to electronically manage the end-to-end process of your jobs, which means you can free your organisation from outdated and inefficient methods of sensitive document generation, storage, and signing.


Contracts + eSignatures
Your clients and partners will love how easy it is to read and complete contracts, work orders, or estimates with simple eSignatures.


QuoteCloud simplifies the entire quoting process, allowing you to spend more time punching code and less time creating quotes. Stop spending your weekend preparing quotes.


Companies that use QuoteCloud close more business in less time than companies who don’t. QuoteCloud allows you to create beautiful, customised proposals in minutes. Our features are designed to create a faster sales process without sacrificing quality or attention to detail.

Integrate with your existing tech

QuoteCloud can easily integrate with the existing software that you use. Powerful CRM, payment and storage connections allow you to stay inside the applications you're already using.

Integrated with the apps you love

1000's of tools ready to use

Integrated with the apps you love

1000's of tools ready to use

Safe integration via the Zapier platform.

Integrate QuoteCloud with the tools you use everyday so your sales team can focus on the important things they need to get done.



Azure DevOps


Google Calendar






Google Sheets


Quote + Automate + Integrate to 1000's of your favourite apps

Quick to send estimates, easy payments collection

Beat the competition with winning job estimates and winning sales quotes.  QuoteCloud will make it quick to create striking documents to send to customers, giving them interactive features such as choosing from options or adjusting the quantity to order if needed.  

When your customers are comfortable approving your sales quote, they can quickly esign and even make a payment with their approval.

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