PDF Page Header & Footer Settings

The PDF version of your sales quote differs from the web page version that a customer opens when they receive a quote from QuoteCloud.  The obvious difference is that a PDF file has pages and will fit content into an A4 page; the second difference is that you can set a page heading and footer.

In QuoteCloud, a PDF header and footer consist of three columns, i.e. left, center, and right.  You can position an element in each of these columns for the header and footer rows.

By default, there is no header displayed in a PDF, and the footer contains your company name in the left column, page number in the center column, and sales quote date in the right column.

This user guide explains how to add content to a page header or footer.

Changing the Page Header

Create or edit a sales quote. When in the Sales Quote Editor, you will notice a table and the top of the content area with the label PDF Page Header.

Hover over this section and you see an option labelled Click to Edit Header.

You will now see the editable area for the page header, as shown below.

To increase the number of columns in the header area, click on the columns icons as per below.

Now add content to the page header, click on (one of) the Insert button(s), as shown below.

Changing the Page Footer

Adding content to the page footer is identical to that described above, except you click on the PDF Page Footer section at the bottom of the content area (as shown below).