Page Breaks in the PDF format of Sales Quotes

The reason we have a PDF format of Sales Quotes exists is maiinly due to printing requirements, the interactive web page format of the QuoteCloud sales quote, generally do not print as well as a PDF document.  For this reason, QuoteCloud automatically created a PDF version of you sales quote every time you hit the Save button in the Sales Quote editor.

The two main differences between the PDF and web page version of your sales quote are:

1. in teh PDF format, content is organised to fit on to an A4 page for printing, whereas the web page version simply scrolls vertically in one nice flow.

2. PDF files are able to have a page header and footer, because they are organised into pages for printing.


Adding Page Breaks

Given that PDF files are organised into A4 pages, we need to consider how your sales quote content looks when split in to pages, it may make sense to iforce a page break in your sales quote and logical points.  Much the same as you would when working in MS Word documents.

The force a page break follow these simple steps. 


Forcing Page Breaks in Content Blocks

Edit or create a new sales quote, then add a content block , in the example shown below we have added a Text Block, but the same mechanism for adding page breaks exists for all types of content blocks, ie images, videos, spreadsheets, text, video, esignature, etc.


You will notice when you click into a content block in the Sales Quote Editor, an orange tool bar appears, that tool bar as a slider switch labelled "Page Break". If you click on this Page Break slider switch it will toggle from green to whitel when the PDF page break is in the on position it will show as green.  

When a page break has been forced before a Content Block, you will see a visible dashed line indicating that there is a page break at this point, as shown below.

Forcing Page Breaks before a Section Title


Section titles are the top move title in each section tab as shown below "So What's In Going To Costs?"

Each of these Section Titles in your sales quote has a force page breaks slider switch on the right hand side of the Section Title.  To force a page break in your PDF format of this sales quote, simple click on the slider switch and it will turn green, indicating that a page break will be forced before this section. (as shown in the above screen shot)

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