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QuoteCloud for
I.T Services

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CRM Implementation Proposal Template

Even for the experts, definitions differ when it comes to customer relationship management, or CRM. Our template simplifies this process of two-way interaction between business and consumer, making it ideal for landing clients and keeping them happy.

IT Services Proposal Template

Use this IT services proposal template to offer a detailed quote to potential clients for managed IT solutions.

Game Development Proposal Template

This game development proposal template can be used by a development agency offering HTML5 game development services. It includes areas for a game description, project timelines, and estimated project costs.

Move at the speed of tech with a simpler, easier and streamlined workflow


Your time should be spent coding, not creating quotes. QuoteCloud makes it easy to electronically manage the end-to-end process of your jobs. maximize your efficiency by turning your static document process into an automation dream.


Eliminate tedious tasks and manual document entry errors by automating how you create, control, send and store all of your sales documents.


Reduce back and forth and simplify communication with real-time collaboration quotes. Receive notifications when your client is reading your document.


Make contracts a user-friendly experience with a streamlined process where prospects can easily and securely sign your documents.

Increase your business efficiency 

I.T companies often struggle to create a process that can maximise their time and revenue. There are often limited resources and smaller teams that are executing important tasks. With QuoteCloud, build a quote, process once and watch it save you time and money day after day.

Integrated with the apps you love

1000's of tools ready to use

Integrated with the apps you love

1000's of tools ready to use

Safe integration via the Zapier platform.

Scale upward and onward

Growing your business should never hold you back from delivering amazing customer service. Create memorable user experiences with easy to read digital documents. When you make buying quick and easy, customers come back.




Google Docs

Azure DevOps

Microsoft Dynamics






Google My Business

Quote + Automate + Integrate to 1000's of your favourite apps

Integrate your existing tech stack

Enable your teams to create, send and process payments faster by connecting the tools you already use with QuoteCloud.

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