Deleting Sales Quotes


Deleting sales quotes in QuoteCloud is performed from the Sales Quote Dashboard. This user guide topic covers how to remove sales quotes from your account and discusses the circumstances whereby you are unable to delete a sales quote.

Each sales consultant (user) in QuoteCloud has a sales quote trash bin.  Like many software applications or operating systems the trash bin is where files are sent when they are marked for deletion.

The sales quote trash bin is a safety gaurd against accidentally deleting a sales quote.  When you delete a sales quote from your sales quote dashboard, it is simply moved to your sales quote trash bin, afterwards you can decide to empty your sales quote trash bin (to permanently delete the sales quotes). 

Once you empty your sales quote trash bin it is impossible to recover the sales quote, so please be careful when deciding to clean out your trash bin.

Deleting a Sales Quote

To delete a sales quote, login to QuoteCloud and while on the Sales Quote Dashboard locate the sales quote you wish to delete. 

Click on the drop down action menu (the down arrow) on the right of the screen, as shown below.

As shown in the screenshot above, you will see the Delete menu option, click on the Delete option to move that sales quote to the sales quote trash bin.


IMPORTANT NOTE: you will only see the Delete option, if the sales quote is in the status of Creating, Bounced or Lost.  If your sales quote is in any other state, e.g. Sent, Read, Accepted, Signed, Signed and Accepted, etc you will need to update the status to Lost before attempting to delete the sales quote. 

This software rule is designed to prevent you from accidentally deleting a sales quote with a "sent" type of status, and therefore avoid giving your customer a bad experience when attempting to view your sales quote.


Updating the Sales Quote Status

If you need to delete a sales quote that has already been sent to a customer, you must first change the sales quote status to Lost.

Click Here to learn how to update the status of a sales quote.

Empty the Sales Quote Trash bin

To empty the sales quote trash bin, click on the trash bin icon (in the top right corner of the sales quote dashboard), as shown below.

When you open the sales quote trash bin, you will see all the sales quotes that have been marked for delete, ie. moved to the sales quote trash bin.

You can empty the sales quote trash bin by clicking on the Empty Trash Bin button, as shown below.

After clicking on the Empty Trash Bin button, you will be asked to confirm your action (as shown below), click on the Yes button to commence the deletion of all sales quotes in your sales quote trash bin.

When you commence deleting all sales quotes from your sales quote trash bin, you will see a progress message box appear that will inform you of how many sales quotes have been deleted of the total number of sales quotes in the sales quote trash bin.

If you wish to stop the empty trash bin process, click on the Cancel button, otherwise leave the process to run to completion.  


Note: it may take a second or two to fully delete a sales quote from the sales quote trash bin, as the system is working through deleting all information from the database, as well as all associated files (images, pdf's, etc) that were used in the sales quote, this will include all versions (revisions) of the sales quote and their associated files as well.

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