Using Rows and Columns in the Sales Quotes Editor

The Sales Quote Editor allows splitting a row into multiple columns; this feature makes it easy to format content side-by-side.

NOTE: The Rows and Columns feature was introduced to QuoteCloud in February 2020; content created before this release will not show the Rows and Columns. However, you can edit a sales quote template or sales quote document to copy and paste text content into a Row, allowing you to make use of the features offered by Rows and Columns.


Rows and Columns Tool Bar

Edit or create a sales quote (or sales quote template) so that you are using the Sales Quote Editor.

Click on the + button and then select Row.

Now insert a content block (in our case, we will use a text block; however, video or image will have the same result in creating a Row with a Single Column).

You will see a new content block inside a Row, as shown below.

To split a Row into more than one column, hover on content block and click on the menu button (circle with three vertical dots) as highlighted below.

To split a Row into more than one column, click on the Column tab, then select the relevant Column icon to change the number of columns, as shown below.

We have selected two columns in the below example.

While you hover over a Row, the toolbars for each column will appear. Use the Insert buttons (plus icon in a circle or the Add Widget button if the column is empty) to add content blocks into each column as desired. 

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