Creating Your First Sales Quote

QuoteCloud makes creating sales quotes easy. To get started click on the Create Proposal button.

Step 1: Give your sales quote a title, choose a color scheme and select a cover page image.


Note: remember the colour schemes, cover page images and a whole host of other styling and branding options can be set but we're getting ahead of ourselves these are covered in the section Managing the Look of Sales Quote (Styles).

Step 2: Enter the client details:

Step 3: Select a template to use as a starting point for your new proposal. If you only see the Blank template, this is simply because you have not created your own sales quote templates yet and did not choose any sample templates when you first registered your QuoteCloud account.

Step 4: Congratulations! You have successfully created your new sales quote.

The next step is to add content edit the sales quote and send it. Please refer to the topic "Introducing the Sales Quote Editor" to learn more about adding and editing content in a sales quote.

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Getting Started

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