Adding Cover Page Background Images from the QuoteCloud Library

Cover pages provide an elegant introduction or high-impact opening to your sales pitch. 

Cover pages are optional, but when used well, they will strengthen your brand impact or personalise your sales quote to make your customer feel special.

To manage the available cover pages that can be used in a sales quote, go to the Sales Quote Dashboard, click the Content Libraries menu and select the Cover Pages option.

QuoteCloud displays the cover pages available in your account. You can add new cover pages or delete them if required.

There is a public library of cover pages that can be easily added to your account. These cover pages in the public library are generic images and may not suit your requirements. However, they provide a quick start for a new QuoteCloud user account.

To add cover pages from the public library, click Get Sample Cover Pages.

Click on the cover pages that you would like added to your QuoteCloud account, as shown below. To view more cover pages, scroll left and right.

Click on the Save button and the selected cover pages will be added to your cover page library.

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