Inserting a Input Data Field into a Form (Types of Input Fields)

QuoteCloud gives the option to add a data field onto a form from a variety of data input options. This feature makes it easy to format a sales quote to allow the form to include any user information.

To begin, first start by building a form.

Click on the orange + Insert button located between every content block while working in the Sales Quote Editor and then select ‘Add Form’ at the very bottom.

A new form block will be added and a green content editor tool bar will appear at the top of the Sales Quote Editor.

To begin inserting a data field onto a form within a field set, click on the green + Insert button located between every content block while working in the Sales Quote Editor.

A selection box will now appear as shown below.

This selection box will display the available types of input data fields that can be inserted into a form, these are;

Field Set - used to group a set of input fields together to allow columns of input fields to be configured, and also allow multiple sets of data to be added by the sales quote recipient, e.g. enter the first name, last name, gender of students attending a course, the form would be required to allow multiple students attending.

Content Block - a text block added inside the form to provide instructions for the sales quote recipient when completing a form.

Text - alpha/numeric "text" input field type

Number - numeric values only

Checkbox - a single tick box e.g. "tick here to accept our terms and conditions"

Checkbox Group - a list of options where the sales quote recipient can select more than one option

Select - a drop down list of values where a sales quote recipient can select a value

Text Area - an alpha/numeric input field type that allows more than one line of text, e.g. a comments input field in a form.

Radio - a list of options where the sales quote recipient can only select one value from the list.

Date - date value, with calendar popup

Time - time value - with a time (clock) selector popup

Date and Time - date and time input field with calendar/time selector popup

Address - address input field type

File Upload - file upload feature, that will allow sales quote recipients to attach files to a form they submit when completing a form.

To add a data field onto a form, select any of the listed data inputs available in the Selections Box.

For the purpose of this example, the 'Checkbox' data field has been selected in the Sales Quote Editor as seen in the image below.

'Checkbox' data field will now appear in the form as seen in the image below.

To edit the title of the Checkbox, click on the 'Field Label' and rewrite the appropriate title.

For the purpose of this example, the Sales Quote Editor has been used to ask the user;

'Have you been experiencing any Flu like symptoms?'

When filling the form, the user will either; check the checkbox if they have been experiencing flu like symptoms or will leave the checkbox empty if they haven't as seen in the image below.

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