Managing and Assigning Add-Ons for Plans


This user guide topic covers setting up automatic add-ons to Service Plans and optionally available add-ons for a Service Plan.

What is an Add-On? An Add-On is a sales quote line item added to a sales quote when the sales consultant adds a Service Plan to their sales quote. For example, an add-on to a Service Plan for mobile phone contracts could be Roaming while overseas 2GB, or Apple Music, etc. Basically, they are add-on products to a Service Plan that create a differentiator to your competitors. You may or may not choose to charge for these add-on services.

Using Add-Ons for a Service Plan

The first step to create an add-on is to define the add-on in the Add-On Catalogue. Click on the Content Libraries menu in the User Dashboard and select the option Addons.

To create a new Add-On, click on the New Item button.

You should now see the Add Item modal (as shown below).

Complete the data fields required for your new Add-On. The following is the explanation of each data item:

Folder (Required data field): This dropdown field will make you place your new Add-On into a folder category; you can create a new folder by clicking New Folder (bottom left of the screen). It is important to organize your data well, especially if you are going to create a lot of Add-Ons. Think about how your data should be organized for the user. For example, categorise into meaningful folders, such as "Entertainment", "International Calls", "Data", etc.

Subfolder (optional data field): If there is a need to categorise further your Add-Ons, you can optionally create a subfolder

Addon Name (required data field): The Add-On Name is the name that appears to the Sales Consultant when they need to choose an Add-On to sell (when creating a sales quote in the Sales Quote Editor, or when the administrator is allocating an Add-On to a Service Plan). Try to keep this name short and quickly informative for Sales Consultants. Avoid long, cryptic, or difficult-to-understand language here, as it may make it hard for your sales team to understand when creating sales quotes

Description (required data field): This is an essential data item; the text will appear on the sales quote line item. Make this user-friendly and accurate as it will appear on your quotes to customers and needs to clear to a customer which plan is being sold

Price (required data field): This is the monthly price to be charged

Term (Months) (required data field): Enter the number of months the monthly price (above) will be charged. For example, if for 12 months, enter 12 in this data field. If this is a one-off charge, then type 1 into this data field.

Consumer Information Summary (optional data field): Upload a PDF file containing the terms and conditions relating to the use of this Add-On. This will automatically be appended to the price section of a Sales Quote when this Add-On is used.

Image (optional data field): Click on this icon to upload an image (e.g. icon) to represent this Add-On in the Sales Quote. This image appears to the left of the price line item in a sales quote. It is not mandatory to upload an image here, it is purely for aesthetics.

After you have entered all your data for this new Add-On, click on the Save Changes button.

Assigning an Add-On to a Service Plan

After creating your catalogue of Add-Ons, you must assign the Add-Ons to a Service Plan.

Click on the Content Library menu on the User Dashboard, and select the Plans option (as shown below).

Click on the Edit option next to an existing plan (on the right of the row), or add a new plan by clicking the New Item button.

There are two types of Add-On fields; Included Addons and Optional Addons.

Included Addons - These add-ons will automatically be added to a sales quote when this Service Plan is added to a price table in a sales quote

Optional Addons - These add-ons are available for the Sales Consultant to add to a Service Plan inserted into a sales quote. It is up to the Sales Consultant and the customer to decide if these add-ons are to be included in the Service Plan being sold to the customer.

Click into the Included Addons or the Optional Addons data items and you will see a dropdown list of the available add-ons that can be selected from the Add-On Catalogue. Select the ones required and they will appear in blue (as shown above).

Click on the Save Changes button to commit your update.