Managing your Product Catalogue of Phone System Hardware & Licenses


There are two type of product catalogue used for the QuoteCloud Telco plugin. These are for Mobile Devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc; and Business Phone Systems.

In this topic we will cover how to manager your Business Phone Systems product catalogue.

Before you can start adding products to your Business Phone Systems product catalgoue please ensure you have the Telco Plugin Activated.  To learn how, please read the How to Activate the Telco Plugin user guide topic.

Click on the Content Libraries Menu, and select the option Phone Systems menu option.


You will now see a list of existing Phone System Products in your QuoteCloud account (there may be no list of existing products if you are just starting your set-up). 

If you have lots of Phone System products already setup, you can reduce the number of products in the list using the Filter feature, when you click this button, you will notice a row of input fields appear below the column labels - as shown below.  Type into one or more of these filter fields to reduce the number of product displayed.

You may also want to adjust the columns in view.  You can add or hide columns using the Visible Columns button.

The drop down on the left of the Visible Columns button will allow you to adjust the number of products listed per page (paging is at the botton of the product list).  You can view a maximum of 100 products per page.

To create a new Phone System Product click on the + Add Item button (bottom left of the page).

After you click on the + New Item button you will see the Add Product window appear.  (as shown below)

Click on the Device tab, and fill in the required data for your new plan, the following is the explaination of each data item:

Folder (Required data field) : this drop down field will make you place your new product into a folder category, you can create a new folder by selecting the Add new folder... menu option.  It is important to organise your data well, especially if you are going to create a lot of products.  Think about how your data should be organised to the user.  For example, categorise your products into logical groups by type such as, handsets, Power Supply Units, VOIP Licenses, etc

Sub-folder (optional data field) : if there is a need to further categorise your products you can optionally create a sub-folder;

Item Name (required data field) : The item name field appears to the sales consultant when they need to choose a device to sell (when creating a sales quote in the Sales Quote Editor, or when the administrator is allocating a device to a phone plan).  Try to keep this name short and quickly informative for sales consultants.  Avoid long, criptic or difficult to understand language here, as it may make it difficult for your sales team to understand when creating sales quotes;

SKU : This is the Stock Keeping Unit code, used to identify a product by its commonly used identification code.

Sales Quote Line Item Description (required data field) :  This is a very important data item, this is the text that will appear on the sales quote line item.  Make this user friendly and accurate as it will appear on your quotes to customers and needs to clear to a customer which product they are buying;


Notes (optional data item) :  record important information about this device in this field, this information will appear under the price row line item. (as shown below).  Typical use of this Notes field is to put the best selling features of the Device.

Thumbnail (optional data item) :  you can upload a image file here (in Jpg, GIF of PNG formats), these images will be automcatically added to all sales quotes that use this product.


After you have complete all the information in the Device tab, click on the Monthly Prices tab to add the available pricing terms that can be sold for this Device e.g. 12 month, 24 month payments, etc.  

After selecting the Monthly Prices tab, you can now add the possible price terms for this product.

Click on the New button to add a price term.

Type the information required as follows:

Term (Months) (required data item) :  Type the number of months in the term e.g. 12 for 12 months, 24 for 24 months, etc

Price (required data item) : type the price for this term. For example if you want to charge $50 per month to 50 in this price field

If you need to add another Price Term, click on the New button again and repeat the process.

After all Price Terms have been created, click on the Save butto

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