QuoteCloud e-Signatures

The e-Signatures extension module provides your customers with the option to e-sign a sales quote. This plugin avoids the need to purchase separate external e-sign software such as DocuSign. However, if desired, DocuSign and other applications are available with QuoteCloud using the Zapier Integration platform.

How to install the QuoteCloud e-Signatures Plugin

Click on the Extensions button on the top menu bar.

Click on the QuoteCloud eSignatures Plugin in the list of plugins.

Next, click on the Free Trial button. Please note, that to activate a plugin, you will need to set up your payment credit card in the payment setting. If you have not already set these up, you will be prompted to go to QuoteCloud subscription payment settings. You cannot access any plugins without first subscribing to a QuoteCloud subscription plan.

After you click on Free Trial and confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions to use the plugin, you will see the page as shown below, and you are ready to start using e-Signatures in your sales quotes.

Using the e-signatures Plugin in a Sales Quote

To use the e-signatures plugin in a sales quote, firstly, create a sales quote as normal.

Now click on the + button in the Sales Quote Editor (as shown below). You will now see a new content type called Signature. 

To use the e-Signature feature, navigate to the location you want your customers to sign (there can be more than one place in a sales quote that you choose to ask the recipient to sign).  After locating the place in your sales quote you want your customer to sign, click the + button and click Signature.

After clicking on Signature, you will see the e-Signature content block ready for you to configure. By clicking on the Settings button you will see a range of options for you to customize the e-Signature content.

The first step is to decide how you want your customer to e-Sign your sales quote. You can leave all three options available or choose to hide one or two of them. The options are:

Draw: this will allow the customer to sign on the screen, using a mouse or finger on a touch screen device (depending on what device they are using).

Type: this will allow the customer to type their name on the screen, using a predefined set of fonts.

Upload: this will allow the customer to upload an image of their signature.

To remove one or more of these options above, click on the Show/Hide switch (as seen below for the Type option)

Finally, decide who should sign your sales quote. If there are multiple recipients, you can choose one of them to sign.  If any recipient can sign, or you are only sending this sales quote to one person, leave it to default to "Any Authorised Recipient".

You can add many e-signatures in a sales quote if you have a customer sign multiple parts of a sales quote.

Once you have added all the points at which a customer must sign, you send your sales quote as normal by clicking the Review & Send button and then clicking Send on the preview page.

eSigning a Sales Quote

When you send a sales quote to a customer and need to sign, QuoteCloud will indicate where they need to sign to that recipient. Your customer needs to click where indicated to begin the e-sign process.

After clicking an e-sign box, your customer will be provided with the signature options specified for the Sales Quote; Draw, Type, and/or Upload.

The Draw functionality simply let's them trace their personal signature.

The Type functionality will provide the customer with an array of font options for their name for them to select as their e-Signature.

If given the option, customers can also upload a file of their signature from their personal drive.

The customer will be prompted with a final confirmation message before officially signing the quote, as per below.

A success message will popup on their screen and the customer will also be sent an email confirming the sales quote has been fully signed and accepted.

After e-signing has been completed, the sales quote is updated to show the signed document with key identification credentials captured from the customer's web session. Each recipient must sign the document where the sales consultant has indicated before the order is completed.

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