Customer Payments

The Payments extension module allows your company to optionally take a payment from a customer when sales quotes are approved.

The payment amount can be set to be a percentage of the sales quote, for example, if you wish to take a deposit payment when the customer approves the sales quote. You can also set a specific currency amount if a percentage does not suit your needs.

The payment processing is performed using the popular Stripe and PayPal payment gateways.

How to install the QuoteCloud Payments Plugin

Click on the Extensions button on the top menu bar. Next, click on the Customer Payments plugin in the list of plugins.

Next, click on the Free Trial button. Please note, to activate a plugin, you will need to set up your payment credit card in QuoteCloud Payment Settings. 

If you have not already set these up, you will be prompted to go to the QuoteCloud subscription payment settings window. 

You cannot access any plugins without first subscribing to a paid QuoteCloud subscription plan, i.e. you upgrade from a QuoteCloud trial account to a paid plan.

After you click on the Settings button, you will see a list of your current sales teams.

You need to set up the payment configuration for each of your sales teams. You do this for each sales team because QuoteCloud gives you the option to send payments to different bank accounts for each sales team. 

Click on the Setup Payment button next to a sales team, and you will see the modal as shown below.

You will need to configure your Stripe and/or PayPal connection. These special keys allow QuoteCloud to authenticate with your Stripe and PayPal merchant accounts.  If you have not registered with Stripe, visit to sign up.

If you need assistance with this process, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team by registering an in-app support request (click on the Account Menu option on the Sales Quote Dashboard and select Email Support to raise a ticket).

Using the Payments Plugin in a Sales Quote

To use the payments plugin in a sales quote, first, create a sales quote as normal. 

While in the Sales Quote Editor, click on the ... more button in the right hand menu column

Next, click on the Payment Settings as can be seen below.

As shown below, you can now set the payment settings for your sales quote. If available, values in this area will default from the sales quote template selected when creating your sales quote.

Payment Instructions:  This information appears on the payment popup when the customer is prompted for their credit card information. It gives them instructions or a helpful message that you would like your customer to see when they are prompted to make a payment.

For example, if you are taking a small deposit payment for your sales quote, you might like to say, "Thank you for confirming your order with us today. For us to start work on your order, we first need to collect a small deposit payment of 20%. This can be made right now, or you may choose to call our office".

Payer: If you send a sales quote to multiple recipients, you can select which person should be prompted to make the payment. If any recipient can make the payment, just leave it to default to "Any Authorised Recipient".

Value: Now, set the payment value; this can be a value or a percentage.  Use the blue drop-down menu to toggle between value and percentage as you require.  Then type the value.

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