Revising a Sent Sales Quote


There will be occasions when your customer provides feedback to you, and you need to revise a sales quote to update the content and then resend it to your customer.

Follow the steps below to perform this process.

Navigate to the Sales Quote Dashboard (as shown below). Then locate the sales quote that requires updating.

Now click on the View menu (down arrow) on the right-hand side of the screen for the sales quote you wish to modify.  You will then see a drop-down menu as shown below. 

Click on the Revise last version menu option. You will then see a confirmation message asking you to revise this sales quote (as shown below). Please note that after you revise a sales quote, your customer can no longer view it; they will see a message stating that it is no longer available to view and to contact you instead.

If you would like to revise this sales quote, click on the Yes, create it! button.  A new version of the sales quote will be created, and the Sales Quote Editor will open, ready for you to make your modifications and send to your customer as normal.

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