Setting A Start and End Date Service Plans


When creating service plans for either mobile devices or phone systems, it is possible to schedule when your service plans are available to use in sales quotes.  This is particularly useful for marketing teams when they need to prime a new campaign and configure the pricing for products available for each service plan to be promoted in a campaign.  Also, sometimes it is useful to automatically remove service plans when they should no longer be available to sales consultants creating sales quotes.

To set the start and expiration date, create or edit a Service Plan.  To explain this feature, we will use Mobile Service Plans as an example.

Click on the Content Libraries menu in the Sales Quote Dashboard, and select the menu option Plans.

Edit a Mobile Service Plan, and you will see the plan details (as shown below).

Enter a start and/or end date for the Service Plan to be available to sales consultants to use in sales quotes. As shown above, you will see the start and end date for the service plan. You do not have to enter both dates if you prefer.  

While there are no dates entered on a service plan, it will mean the Service Plan will be available until it is removed from the system, using the delete option on the Service Plan list window.

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