Setup Customer Reminders

Customer reminders can be automatically sent based on two events;

a) the recipient of a sales quote has not opened their sales quote to read it.

b) the recipient of a sales quote has read their sales quote, but has not approved it.

For each of the above two events, you can configure the content of the email and how many days to wait before the automatic reminder is sent.

This user guide explains how to configure the automatic email reminders.


To access the settings for automatic reminders, from the Sales Quote Dashboard click on the Configuration menu, hover on the option Extension Settings option, and you will see a sub-menu, click on the option Workflow.

You will now see the settings for the Workflow plugin. 

Click on the Reminder Settings tab.

You now see the two types of customer reminder.  The toggle switches allow you to switch on one or both reminders and configure them separately.

Both methods of configuration are the same.  The first toggle switch Auto send sales quote reminder, will activate the reminder where the recipient has not opened to read their sales quote.  The second toggle switch Auto send sales quote approval reminder will activate the reminder where the recipient has read the sales quote but has not approved it yet.

As the configuration is identical for both events we will use the first event t explain the setup.

Click on the Auto send sales quote reminder toggle switch, the "on" state is when the switch is coloured green (as shown below).

The settings for this reminder event will now appear, the three settings you need to consider are:

a) the number of days to wait before the reminder is sent to the recipient.
b) the subject line of the reminder email that is sent
c) the content of the reminder email 

The default settings will appear if this the first time you are configuring this reminder setup.  If you want to revert the default email content, click on the Load Default button.


After adjusting the three configuration settings, click on the Save button.

If you want to activate the reminder feature when a recipient has read a sales quote, but has not approved the sales quote, then repeat the above process however click on the Auto send sales quote approval reminder toggle switch instead.

Important Information

There are a few points to remember when using this special feature. 

a) the reminders are only sent once.
b) the reminders are sent at the same time each day.
c) reminders are only sent for new sales quotes sent after the reminders process is activated.
d) if the reminders process is stopped, any sales quotes sent while the reminders process is stopped will not receive a reminder, even if the reminders process is activated again.

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