Sorting Line Items in a Price Table

As more line items are added to a price table it is almst certain that you will need to change the order of price line items.  This user guide explains how the sales consultant can rearrange the line items into a different order.

Edit or create a sales quote, and insert a price table, as shown below.

Add a large number of price line items to the price table either using the Add Price Row button or adding items from your Product Catalogue, (in our example we have added 10 line items).

Add a section subheading to the price table.  Click on product line item in your sales quote price table, then click on the Add Sub-Heading button. 

Repeat this process twice so that your sales quote has two sections, as we have done in our example  below.

It is now possible to drag and drop the entire Section to move all the price line items under a sub-heading in one easy operation.

To change the order of Section, click (and drag) on the move icon, as shown below.

As shown above the entire section heading and the price lines grouped with that section heading will move together.

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