Managing the Text Content Library


Content libraries are used to help sales consultants add valuable content to their sales quotes.  The objective of content libraries is to centralise the development of reusable content that would not normally be part of a Sales Quote Template. 

For example, the administrator of the content libraries may provide all the approved legal content that should be used in sales quotes for different situations, or it may be valuable to provide professional case studies to add to sales quotes to support the conversion of a sale. 

The types are content libraries are:

- Text


- Video

- Images

- Spreadsheets

- Products catalogue

This user guide topic provides information to manage the Text Content Library.

Does your user account have access to manage the Text Content Library?

Ensure your QuoteCloud user account has access to manage the content libraries; if you do not have access to manage the content libraries, ask your administrator to provide them access to these user role privileges.  Instructions to update a user role to assign rights to manage the Text Content Library are as follows:

Click on the Configuration menu on the Sales Quote Dashboard, then select Manage Users & Roles

Click on the Edit button for the user account you would like to update.

Click on the Enrolment tab to view the User Role setting.

Click into the ROLES data field and select the User Role that has privileges to manage the Text Content Library.  

Managing the Text Content Library

To access the function to update the Text Content Library, click on the Content Libraries menu on the Sales Quote Dashboard and select the option Text.

You will now see the Text Content library (as shown below).  The page consists of a filter on the left where you can filter to show certain categories of text content, and on the right will be the list of the current Text Content Block.  You can click on the Edit button to update any existing Text Content Block.  To delete a Text Content Block, click on the down arrow on the right of the Edit button and select Delete.

We will now learn how to create a new Text Content Block.  Click on the New Item button (bottom left of the screen).

You will now see the Add Item window (as shown below).

Click in the Folder data item, and either select New Folder or choose an existing folder category.  These categories are used in the Sales Quote Editor to group similar types of content; this makes it easier for a Sales Consultant to locate a Text Content Block in a larger Text Content Library.

Now click on the Asset Name data item, and type in a name to describe the content of the Text Content Block. This name must be informative but quite short.

Now click in the Text Block area and type (or copy and paste) the content you want to create.

Finally, you need to decide if this Text Content Block should be "locked"  this means that the Sales Consultant will not be able to modify the Text Content Block when used in a Sales Quote. This is useful when the text content is sensitive, for example, legal terms and conditions. If you want to lock this text content, then click on the Lock Content check box.

Now click the Save Changes button to create your Text Content Block in the Text Content Library.

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