Adding Sections in a Price Table

A price table can be split into logical sections with a sub-heading.  The grouped price lines under a sub-heading can also have special settings associated to them, such as:

a) configure the price lines as optional line items for your customer to choose which one they wish to purchase (single choice or multiple choice)
b) allow a customer to adjust the quantity to order for price lines items within a sub-heading (group)
c) summarise price lines to the sub-heading, this means the price lines will be hidden from the customer, but the total value of the price lines will show against the sub-heading instead.


To add price table section (sub-heading), follow the instructions below.


Add a price table to your sales quote and then add some price line items (either adding products from the product catalogue, or using the Add Price Row button).

Click on the price line item in the sales quote price table where you would like to insert the sub-heading.  Note a subheading is always inserted above the active price line item. For example, if we were to insert a sub-heading above the line item "Price Item 2" shown in the screen shot above, then we must click in that line item (any data field in that row). 

Then click on the Add Sub-Heading button.

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