Allowing Any Team Member to Edit Any Sales Quote


By default if another sales consultant would like to edit a sales quote that you created, you must first use the "handover" function to assign to someone else the ability to edit that sales quote.  The "handover" process ensures that two people are not working on a sale quote at the same time and therefore risk overwritting each others changes.  However some organisations need the abilty for anyone to edit any sales quote in their sales team.  This can be done by enabling the "team editing" feature.

This topic provides instructions on how to enable Team Editing.


Enabling Team Editing

Click on the Configuration menu on the Sasles Quote Dashboard, then select the option Settings.

Now click on the tab Dashboard to show the available settings for the Sales Quote Dashboard, (as show below).

Click on the switch (under the label Allow teams to edit all proposals), the switch should be in the on state (green), as shown below.  Finally click on the Save button to commit your changes.

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