Email Marketing - Text File (CSV) Import Contacts into an Audience

If you want to import many contacts from another source, for example, a CRM, Spreadsheet, or accounting package, using a text import file (CSV format) is an easy method to complete this task.

The following tutorial describes the process to complete an import of contacts into an audience.

Step1: Navigate to the Campaigns section in the left toolbar, and then select the Audience option in the top menu.

Step 2: Click on the arrow to show the Action dropdown menu options for the Audience you would like to import contacts. Then click on the Import option.

Step 3: Click on the Select File button, now select a file from your computer hard drive or network drives, or simply drag and drop your data

The CSV file will need to be in a specific format; if you do not know the correct format, you can download a sample import file using the Download Sample CSV File. This sample file will give you the correct order of data columns in your import file. 

Please make sure that the contact import file you have prepared matches the sample you can download.

Step 4: You will be prompted to Map Data Items. You can use your previously saved settings, manually match, or click Auto Matching. You can save these settings later in this process.

The data columns are as follows:

Email Address: the email address of the contact
First Name: the first name of the contact to be imported
Last Name: surname of the contact to be imported
Tags: if the contact is to be allocated, tag list them in the column, as tag is used to segment contacts in an audience, e.g. gender, age group, location, etc
Company Name: the company name of the contact
Phone Number: the phone number of the contact to be imported
Mobile Phone: mobile number of the contact to be imported
Address: the address of the contact
Email Marketing: the value must be "Subscribed" if you would like the contact to be in the correct status to receive emails in a campaign.
Contact Rating: enter values 1 to 5 to rate the importance of this contact in your campaign
Date Added: enter a date in the following format yyyy-mm-dd

Enter text here to see it on your site...

Step 5: Choose whether you would like to leave as is, delete, or override your previous data upon import.

Click Yes, Import Now to start importing.

Your contact data is successfully imported into QuoteCloud. A message displays with a success notification and the number of records imported.

If there is a problem with your import file, then QuoteCloud will attempt to advise you of the problem, and you can alter your file data and try again.

If you continue to have issues importing your product data, you can contact the QuoteCloud Support Team. Click on the Account menu, and then select Email Support.

To help streamline your import process in the future, you are given the option to save your data mapping. 

To do this, enter a name that clearly articulates what the mapping is used for in the New mapping name field, then click Save

If you don't need to save the mapping, simply click Cancel and you will be taken back to the Audience screen.

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