Splitting a Row in a Form into Multiple Columns

There are instances where it makes send to position two or three input fields in a row.  For example, if you have a first name and last name in your form, it may be a good idea to have these two data items next to each other on one row.

Create or edit a sales quote, and insert a form.  Click the  + Insert and then select ‘Add Form’ as shown below.

A new Form Content Block will be added  as shown below.

Click on the green + Insert button. 

Now select the option 'Field Set'.

A new 'Field Set Label' will be added to the sales quote, as shown below.

Next, click on the Columns icon, as shown below.

A drop down of icons will appear, as shown below, these icons indicate the number of columns to set for this field set group.  Select the number of columns you want for this field set.

In our example below we have selected  3 columns.

It is now possible to add input fields into each column.

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