Add a Background Image to a Row or Column

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Setting a background image behind content contained in a row or column is a feature in the Sales Quote Editor. This user guide topic covers how to add a background image in a row and column.

Add a background image to a row.

On your sales quote insert a text block (as shown below); this will automatically create a row containing one column that contains the text block.

Open the Row and Column toolbar.

To open the Row and Column toolbar hover over the text block and you will see an icon with 3 dots on the upper left most area of the text block.

Click on the photo icon

You can select UPLOAD FILE to add a picture from your computer or select SHUFFLE or VIEW ALL to search for stock images in the gallery.

Alternatively, you can click on the cog icon inside the Row and Column toolbar.

After you click on the cog icon, a popup window will appear (as shown below).

Click on the Background tab.

 Select Image on the drop-down menu.

You will now see an image selector tool appear; this tool will let you choose an image file you want to set as your background image.

Click on the add image icon (box with a plus inside) below the Background Image label.

Select an image from your computer and click on SAVE.

You now have a background image on your text block.

Add a background image to a column.

Setting the background image in a column is the same process as described above for a row.  However, you need to select the cog icon from the column toolbar, as shown below.

Click on the Background tab and then follow the same procedure as described above to set a column’s background image.

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