Moving Content Blocks (Drag & Drop)

As you insert content blocks, i.e. text, images, videos, forms, spreadsheets, embedded PDF's, you may want to rearrange the position of these content blocks

There are two methods to move content, firstly simple drag and drop, or alternatively use the up and down arrows on the tool tab bar.

As shown below the row and content blocks have a three veritical dot icon, this is an anchor point that you can click on to drag and drop rows and content blocks, as shown below.

While you drag and drop a Row the available places to drop the Content Row will be shown as grey bars (drop zones).  

Move the Row content block to one of the highlights drop drop zones.

It is also possible to drag and drop a content block within a row as shown below.

An alternative to drag and drop is to use the up and down arrows on a Row or Content Block within a Row, as shown below.

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