Inserting Ad-hoc Images

With QuoteCloud, you can insert ad-hoc images into a sales quote anywhere you choose. The steps to insert an ad-hoc image are as follows:


Step1: Click on the + Insert button in the Sales Quote Editor, then select the option Add Image:

Step 2: Choose an image from your computer to upload. Once selected, you can crop the image as below and then click "Crop & Upload".

To adjust your image settings, hover over the image after it has been inserted onto your page.  You will notice a green toolbar appear over your image (as shown below).  Click on the cogs icon.


If you want to reduce the size of your image, click into the Width field and set the percentage size of the original; for example, if you want to half the size of the image, type 50% (or enter a value in pixels, e.g. 200px). 

You can also adjust the image's alignment (if the width of the image is less than the width of the column it is contained in). Click on the drop-down Image Alignment, and select either Left, Right and Center aligned.

Inserting an Image using the Text Editor

An alternate method and possibly preferred by most users of QuoteCloud is to use the insert image function in the text editor.  This option will embed an image in the text content or table that you create in the editor.  This method provides many more features than the process mentioned above.

Create a Text Block in a sales quote, click on the + Insert button and select Add Text

Click into the empty text area, and you will see the text block (as shown below), with the editor toolbar at the top of the page.

Click on the insert image button (as shown below)

Click on the Drop Image (or click) box. You will be able to now select an image from your device, which will then be inserted into the text area of the editor.

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