Assigning/Restricting Cover Pages to a Specific Sales Team

Larger organisations may have teams of sales staff working in different countries or industry verticals. If your organisation splits the proposal/quoting activities into specifc sales teams then appropriate cover pages can be allocated to each team.

This feature is useful when specific content is needed in cover pages for that sales team, for example if a team operates in a certain industry vertical, then providing cover pages relevant only to that target industry is preferred.

Let's have a look at how QuoteCloud allows you to set this up.

From the Sales Quote Dashboard, click the Configuration main menu option and select Manage Users & Roles.

Next press the Team tab button to view the current sales teams

Next press the Edit button alongside the team you want to update:

Click on the Cover Pages tab to specify exactly which cover pages s a sales team is allowed to use. By default a new sales team will have no restrictions applied, and you will see a page as shown below.

To restrict a sales team to only certain cover pages, first you will need to switch on restrictions, to do this click on the switch to make Restrictions Active the button will appear green and the label will change to Restrictions Active: Visible cover images are highlighted blue


Click on the cover pages that you wish to assign to this sales team, and then click on Save to commit your changes.

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