Disabling Discounting in Sales Quotes

It may be a requirement for some administrators of QuoteCloud to prevent Sales Consultants from applying discounts. 

Please note, although this feature will prevent a Sales Consultant from applying a negative line item, accessing the discount rules drop-down, or reducing the price of a product; it does not prevent a Sales Consultant from creating custom price lines and giving the impression of a discount by setting their own custom price.

In the Sales Quote Dashboard, click on the Configuration Menu and select Manage Users & Roles to restrict discounting.

Click on the Roles tab.

Click on the Edit button next to the role you want to adjust.

Click on the Pricing tab to find the restriction for users discounts (see below).

Switch-off the option Allow access to the Pricing Discounts Configuration set-up

Click on Save.

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Disabling Discounting in Sales Quotes
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It maybe a requirement for some administrators of QuoteCloud to prevent Sales Consultants from applying discounts.
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