Order Quantity Based Price Discounting

In some cases, there is a need to provide a customer with a discount based on the quantity ordered of a particular product; these are called Price Discount Quantity Breaks.  These discount rules can be set up on a product by product basis when editing the product information held in QuoteCloud.

To configure discount breaks for products, follow these steps:

Navigate to the Products window, click on the menu Content Libraries and select Products

Step 1: In the Manage Products window, click on the Edit button for the product you would like to apply discount rules.

Sales Quote and Sales Proposal Software - Quantity Price Discount Breaks - illustration 1

Step 2: Click on the Discount Rules tab.

Sales Quote and Sales Proposal Software - Quantity Price Discount Breaks - illustration 2

Step 3: Here, you can set discounts rules for products as per their quantity.  First, type a suitable label for your discount so that it makes sense to the sales consultant, for example,  "More than 5", then type the quantity that will trigger the discounted price, and finally enter the actual price of the product when this amount (or more) is ordered.

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