Managing Sales Teams

QuoteCloud has a concept of Sales Teams; each Sales Consultant (QuoteCloud User) must belong to a Sales Team; the structure of sales teams can optionally mirror your company structure if that is how you would like to configure your QuoteCloud setup.

To manage Sales Teams, from the Sales Quote Dashboard, click on the Configuration menu, and select the option Manage Users & Roles.

Sales Quote and Sales Proposal Software - Managing Sales Teams - illustration 1

The Team tab displays the list of different groups available in the system. You can add, edit and delete teams as required. 

To add a new team, just click the Add Team button:

Sales Quote and Sales Proposal Software - Managing Sales Teams - illustration 2

Enter a name for your new team and select if they should have restrictive access to content or see everything; you set this using the slider button. Setting the slider to on will allow you to give individual teams access to a specific subset of the content within each library.

As in the example below, to restrict what a team has access to, first, slide the "Restrictions Active" slider to on (as below), then click the plus sign next to folders in the right-hand column (Hidden Folders) to make them appear in the left-hand column (Visible Folders). By allocating folders to a team, you allow them to see only that content; if you select no folders, they will see nothing in this content library.

This allows you to segment your libraries to provide specific internal or external teams with only the content and products they should have access to. One reason you would want to do this is to ensure sensitive pricing is only shown to the correct team, or possibly you might want a team to specialise in selling only a sub-set of your entire product catalogue. A concrete example of this is when you have a distributor or reseller model (also known as partner/channel sales teams); under this structure, they would only see the items they should be selling at agreed price levels. You could even have multiple sets of pricing for individual teams.

Sales Quote and Sales Proposal Software - Managing Sales Teams - illustration 3

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