Hide price line items if the Quantity to Order is Zero

There are use cases where a price table is created as part of a sales quote template and preloaded with price line items, when the sales quote template is used to create a sales quote, the sales consultant simply removes unwanted price line items and adjusts the quantity to order for the sales quote recipient requirements. 

To save time for your sales consultants,  there is a setting that can be activated to hide line items if the quantity to order is left at 0 (zero).  The allows the sales consultant to simply set the quantity to order for the line items needed and immediately send the sales quote without needing to delete all the unwanted price line items in the price table.


Edit or create a sales quote, add a price table as shown below.

Add a few price lines, as shown below (either using the Add Price Row button or from the Product Catalogue Content Library).

Click on the Settings button for the price table, as shown below.

Click on the Settings tab, as shown below.

Click on the toggle switch for Hide Qty 0 (Zero) Rows to the Hide state, as shown below.

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