Allowing Recipients to Choose Price Options

If you would like your recipients to choose among different options within the pricing table, you can set line items as optional. There are two types of optional price lines: Single Choice or Multiple Choice. You can learn more about configuring this feature in the Making Price Lines Optional In A Sales Quote guide.

Setting Price Line Items Optional

Add line items to a price table (either product from the Product Catalogue or use the Add Price Row button to add free format line items, either will do). Next, we need to group a set of price line items under a sub-heading. Click on the first line item you would like included in your group of price line items.

Click on the Add Section Heading button, as shown below.

To show the Sub-Heading options, hover over the sub-header bar and click on the three dots to the right of the row. The options will then be displayed. Select Options.

This will prompt the Options screen to pop up.

Toggle the switch for Pricing Rows Are Optional to make the price lines optional, as shown below.

Next, you need to choose if you would like the recipient to choose only one price line or more than one line item.

After you have switched on the Pricing Rows are Optional feature, you will see a toggle switch appear on the right; it will default to the setting Single Choice. If you would like the recipient of the sales quote to choose only one price line item in the group, then leave the toggle switch on the Single Choice setting.

If you would like the recipient of the sales quote to choose more than one price line item, then click on the toggle switch to the setting Multiple Choice.

Save your settings.

You will now see a check box (or a radio button for single choice options) next to your price line items grouped under the sub-heading.

If you would like to set one of the price line items as the default choice, click on the checkbox/radio button next to the line item that will be the default choice. Otherwise, leave them all unselected.

Toggle on Preview to see the price table with optional price line items. Example below have both multiple-choice options (checkbox) with a default choice and a single-choice option (radio button).

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