Using Values from a Spreadsheet for a Price Line Item Description in a Price Table

When using a spreadsheet to calculate a price of a product or service, it might also be useful to set the price line description from the spreadsheet. 

This user guide explains how to link a price line item description to a cell in a spreadsheet.

To begin, first, start by editing or creating a sales quote and then insert a Spreadsheet.
In the sales quote editor, click on the orange + Insert button and select Add Spreadsheet, as shown below.

A new spreadsheet will appear and can be edited, as shown below.

Next, add a Price Table.

Click on the + Insert button and select the option Add Pricing Table, as shown below.

Add a price line item to the price table.

Click on + Add Price Row in the price table, as shown below.

To begin using values from a spreadsheet in a price table, click on the Actions button located on the far right-hand side of the price row.

This will show a dropdown menu, select Options.

A window titled Line Item Options will now appear.

To link the Description of this price line item to a value in a spreadsheet cell, we need to create the reference to the Spreadsheet Name and the exact Cell in that spreadsheet.  For example, if the spreadsheet name is "Sheet 1" and the cell we would like to reference is A3, the command to type in the Price from a Spreadsheet input field is $VALUE{Sheet 1:A3}. 

The spreadsheet name is located in the top right corner of the spreadsheet content block, as shown below.

Type the command to link the price line item to the spreadsheet in the Description from a Spreadsheet input field; in our example, we have typed $VALUE{Sheet1:A3}, as shown below.

The value from the spreadsheet will now display in the price table.

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