Setting a Repeating Charge in a Sales Quote Price Table

There are certain types of sales quotes that need to have a repeating cost as a line item, for example a monthly charge over a set number of months.  QuoteCloud has the ability to setup these "Repeating Charges".

Let's start by creating a new quote and adding a price table.

When you create a sales quote and open it in the editor you will be taken initially to the pricing section. The pricing section is a little special and helps you display all your pricing details in a nice tabular format. You can have one pricing table or several, depending on your needs.

To add a new price table click on the + Insert button, then select the option Add Price Table

Add a price line item, click on the + Add Price Row button, this will add an empty price line item to the sales quote price table.

If you would like to set a line item in your sales quote price table to be a repeating cost, follow these steps:

First you must set the line item to be a repeating charge, this is done by un-ticking the check box in the One-Off column.  By unticking this check box for your line item, you are telling QuoteCloud to make this a repeating cost.

The next step is to set the frequency of the repeating cost.  By default QuoteCloud will set the frequency to Monthly, to alter this frequency click on the drop-down under the column title Term.

Select the frequency of the repeating charge from the available options, days, weeks, months, quarters, years.

Now you have set the frequency, you need to set the number of occurences, for example if you are going to set 12 monthly charges, you need to type the number 12 in the Term column (as shown below).

Now you need to set the price for your repeating cost.  In the price column type your price, for example if you are going to charge $100 per month, you type 100 in the price column, as shown above.

Click the Save & Preview button to view your sales quote with a repeating charge set.

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