Inserting/Embedding Ad-hoc PDF Files

If you want to insert or embed an ad-hoc PDF file into your sales quote, it is very simple. Just click on the "+ Insert" button and select Attach PDF File from the drop-down:

A content block will apper asking you to provide a title, description and upload the PDF itself.

Also you have the option to embed the pdf file inside your sales quote. If you choose to embed the PDF file it will physically be added as additional pages to your sales quote. If you choose not to embed (ie a link is shown in your sales quote to open the PDF in a new browser tab).

You can attach as many PDF's as you like in every section of the sales quote, however be careful of adding too many as this will affect the file size of the sales quote when opened as a PDF by your customer.

After you have selected a PDF file in the green drop zone, you will notice your PDF file is uploaded into you sale quote.

You can either embed the PDF or display a link in your sales quote, by default PDF files are handled with a link for your customer to click on in order to open the PDF file.  The Title and Description  fields (show above) are used to display information about the content s of the PDF file for the customer to understand exactly what the PDF document is.

The alternative is to embed the PDF file as part of the sales quote.  When this option is selected the PDF file will be inserted and displayed full page (edge to edge) in your sales quote; as if it is part of the normal content of the sales quote section.  This feature is perfect if you want to embed documents such as product specifications, or installation guides, etc.  

To embed a PDF file simply click on the Emded PDF inside your proposal swtich so that is in in the on state (green).

The example above shows a product specification PDF being displayed (as an embedded document) in the sales quote.

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